For accounts or customers who are looking for additional information that will assist you, your facility and/or the ordering physicians.  The intent is to provide you with the latest information in the field of EEG & Neurology as it pertains to our service and with this information you will be able to increase your volume resulting in an increase in departmental revenue.

Machine & Protocol Manuals

Here are the necessary tools to trouble-shoot your machine and/or answer any questions regarding procedures or protocols.  It is a must that you know your machine type and MOP in order to obtain the correct information.  This can be found on the top of your patient data form located in your online forms folder.

Troubleshooting Guides

Our Troubleshooting Guides are here to assist you in solving any problems you may have regarding application, high impedance or any other issues which may arise while performing an EEG.  These are TMX's recommendations and can vary from other items you may find.