Digital EEG Service

Our Digital EEG service is available to any hospital, clinic or physician's office. Regardless of whether you own a machine or lease one from TMX you will have the latest digital EEG equipment available. Your machine does not have to be brand specific as most models can be read by our physicians. You can upload an EEG to us from any place and at any time. Digital EEG is the wave of the future. What better way to get ahead of your competition than calling TELEMEDX today.

Mobile EEG Service

TELEMEDX (TMX) and its mobile EEG service is designed to provided EEG’s and Ambulatory EEG studies for psychiatric hospitals, family practice and general medicine facilities in the Greater Houston Metroplex area.  By providing this service to your patients you will be able to increase patient care while at the same time adding services to your current practice.  TMX will supply the equipment, staffing and supplies for each EEG.  We have recently noticed an increased demand by non-hospital based physicians that are looking to increase services provided while maintaining convenience for their patients.  We believe in extraordinary patient care and would love the opportunity to demonstrate to you why we have been in business for over 36 years.
· TELEMEDX hook-up and monitor your ICU/NICU patients at your facility
· Long term monitoring for EEG
· TMX Ambulatory EEG
· Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV)
· Sleep Study Interpretations
· Flat based fees (volume discounts available)
· Board Certified Neurologists will interpret all EEGs
· 24/7 service available
· Perform studies on patients ranging from newborn to brain death
· NO equipment to purchase
· TELEMEDX also accepts referrals and will do patients in our office

Analog EEG Service

Our analog service is also available to any and all hospitals, however TMX will supply you the equipment and maintain the equipment at our cost.  This service is ideal for those hospitals that do not want to budget for or spend the money on new digital EEG equipment.  All patients will be hooked up to TMX transmitter and then the EEG will be sent over the phone line to Houston.

The TMX telephonic transmitter is compact, portable and fully FDA compliant, allowing patient testing to be performed outside the EEG department.  A TMX telemetry system can be provided to a facility along with the necessary operational training material for its existing allied health personnel, thus eliminating the need for another full-time employee. A hospital employee prepares the patient, establishes a phone line connection with the TMX receiving center, and then assists the TMX receiving technician in producing a record for interpretation.  Except for the method of recording a patient’s data, the review, storage and interpretation is the same as the digital service offered.  All patient data is stored on a server and backed-up daily.  No more paper records to ship back to the hospital for storage but should a patient’s physician request their record, the file can be retrieved and stored on a CD and shipped for review.

· All Digital EEG Receiving center
· Equipment is 100% FDA compliant
· All 8 or 10 channel EEGs are recorded in digital format and can be saved for viewing on a computer
· Low cost flat billing
· Volume discount available

ICU Brain Monitoring